At UPK5CCS, we want our scholars to fall in love with learning — and joyful rigor is our formula for achieving off-the-charts engagement. We capture our scholars’ imaginations by introducing them to fascinating subject matter and pressing them to do the intellectual heavy lifting, constantly asking them “why?” “how can you prove that?” and “what is the evidence?” We want our scholars to recognize and embrace the power of their own ideas, so teachers limit direct instruction and focus on encouraging independent thinking and problem solving in their classrooms. Our scholars spend most of their day exploring, analyzing, discussing, and executing their way through powerful texts, complex math problems (STEM), intriguing science experiments (STEM), winning Yoga strategies, and inspiring works of art.


We Promise To:

  • Surround scholars with a community of leaders, teachers and parents who share a vision of academic achievement.
  • Include you in family academic events and field trips so you can see the incredible growth and development of your child.
  • Encourage a real-time, two-way communication policy that includes:
    • Frequent updates about your child’s progress and what the school is doing to help your child flourish and grow.
    • The phone number and email address of every teacher and leader in the building so you can contact us.
    • A communication policy that guarantees any questions are answered within 24 hours.
    • Maintaining an open-door policy, which allows you to visit and observe your child’s class.


We Expect You To:

  • Be actively involved in your child’s learning, including reading a book a night with your child.
  • Make sure all homework is completed every night.
  • Bring your scholar to school in uniform on time daily.
  • Celebrate your scholar’s success at family meetings and academic events.
  • Model the Urban Pathways K5 College Charter School values at home.
  • Be an active member of the school community – we have many opportunities to get involved:
    • Parent Council
    • Class Parents
    • Field Study Chaperones
    • In-Class (Chess/Sports/Specials) Chaperones
    • Advocacy
    • Community Outreach