Dress Code

All students at UP wear uniforms to promote a professional atmosphere and to keep the focus on learning—not on fashion. See the dress codes for grades K-5 and 6-12 below.

UP K-5 Uniform Policy for 2015-16

Logo items include: shirts and blouses. Non-logo items include: trousers, jumpers, walking shorts and blouses. All of these items must be purchased at Pro3 Services (with the exception of trousers and khaki skort). Items not listed are not permitted to be worn.

Polo shirt All Students Navy blue or white polo shirt; short or long sleeved, logo displayed; shirt will be worn tucked inside of pants. Shirts should not display undergarments.
Trousers All Students Darker khaki dress trouser; pressed, fitted and worn at waist. Pants cannot be rolled, baggy or display undergarments.
Jumper/Khaki Skorts Optional Must be worn with Blouse, Modesty Shorts, and/or Dark Tights. Blouse must have the school logo displayed on the collar. Modesty shorts and tights should be navy blue, black or white and solid in color.
Socks All Students White/Navy above ankle
Shoes All Students Solid black or brown shoes. In the event of inclement weather boots/galoshes may be worn TO school, but not worn IN school.
Belt All Students Standard belt, black or brown in color.
Sweater/Sweatshirt/Sweatpants Optional Navy Blue, must have school logo displayed on the outside.
Jewelry Optional Earrings must be studs only, small, no more than ½” in diameter

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